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The working principle of the Alcohol Recovery Distiller

In the fermentation mash, not containing alcohol, further contains dozens of other components of the substance with water, the content of these substances far exceeds the content of the alcohol, the alcohol content of the mature wake is only 7-11% (volume) around, including water, alcohols, aldehydes, acids, lipids impurities accounted for almost 90% pure alcohol, some method must be used to separate the alcohol from the mash. Production is the use of heating distillation approach, a variety of different boiling point, specific gravity, volatile substance is separated from the different devices out, to thereby obtain a higher purity of alcohol.

Alcohol Recovery Distiller works by preheating the fermented mash, enter the upper part of the crude distillation tower bottoms constantly pass into evenly heated steam when heated can be liquid alcohol in the mash into alcohol gas, while the other low-boiling and volatile impurities, have become gaseous, and alcohol together into column of row aldehyde (can also directly enter the fractionator), and the bottom after the distillation of the spent grain is discharged outside the tower.

Alcohol Recovery Distiller operating normally, the top temperature shall not be lower than 93 ℃, but also can not be too high, too high a top temperature on the separation of non-profits, and the large amount of steam consumed. General control in the 95-96 ℃. Temperature is too low, and wake up in the alcohol does not completely evaporated, escape wine significantly increases. The boiling point of the pure alcohol is 78.3 ℃, but the boiling point of the water and other ingredients mixed with the mixed liquid is far more than 78.3 ℃, therefore, the crude distillation bottoms temperature control should not be less than 105 ℃, generally between 105 ℃ -109 ℃.

Before preheating the matured mash into the crude distillation tower, reducing the temperature difference, is conducive to the stable operation of the crude distillation tower. General should mash the preheating temperature control between 60-70 ℃, some production units due to the impact of equipment performance, generally low 5-10 ℃.

In addition to the working principle of the aldehyde column is of alcohol in the mash after the crude distillation, from the crude distillate overhead from the gaseous enter in addition to the aldehyde column, through the addition to the aldehyde column and then an amount of heating, condensing, refluxed, so that the crude alcohol containedthe low boiling point such as aldehydes, esters, volatile impurities is discharged from the aldehyde discharge tube off the the aldehyde alcohol from the the aldehyde column bottom into the liquid fractionator, some wine head head pipe from the liquor after entering the fermenter mash or maturemash.

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