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Plant Extractor equipment works and work

Countercurrent Plant Extractor equipment works countercurrent method:

Herbs and solvent in the leach vessel along the opposite direction of movement, the continuous and full contact extracted a method. Equipment for efficient continuous dynamic countercurrent extraction machine, The extraction principle: using microwave heating method of penetrating power, make the extraction more efficient and convenient. Continuous countercurrent extraction equipment is the dynamic extraction, countercurrent extraction, boiling the combination of the extraction process, while preserving the advantages of a variety of traditional crafts to create these traditional crafts can reach many advantages: fast extract active ingredients extracted fully extract yield rate, and less solvent consumption, the solution concentration is high, reducing the concentrated by evaporation and subsequent treatment arts, the medicinal particles moving within the drum speed can be adjusted, thereby adjusting the length of the extraction time according medicinal characteristics, herbs in mild dynamic environment next extracted, the heating temperature is low, the active ingredient is less damage, so that the liquid in the low impurity content, is a continuous production, processing capacity.

Countercurrent extraction device works:

Feed forward, reverse water flow of materials and water for the reverse continuous dynamic flow, so that the herbs and solvent can keep the relative motion, to make the feed concentration diffusion updated continuing role, thereby ensuring a solid to liquid leaching fast. At the same time, the pipeline will extract the equipment to solve the traditional materials of the countercurrent extraction equipment can not be stirred extracted uneven, sealing performance is not good, can not use organic solvent extraction, internal mechanical parts to wear out, causing pollution and other issues.

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